Omcean Booking

Customer management

Track customer's reservation and consumption activities, collect information on customer preferences, habits, and needs. Use the customer management database to provide a more personalized experience for customers.

Customer Tracking

Improve customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with customers.

Customer Information

View contact information, previous purchases, notes, attendance history and more from any device. Stay informed and provide personalized service with customer information at your fingertips


Fill in the necessary information in note for each customer. Track important customer information, including allergies, preferences, and personal details like their child's name. Access customer notes from any device, whether it's a computer, phone, or tablet.


When customers make a reservation, is it necessary for them to provide more information? You can customize different questions for customers to fill out, and set different questions as "required options."


Each account can set family, friends, or other companions as attendees, and each companion can set their own personal photo, name and birthday. Customers are free to choose who attends when booking.

Sharing Plan

The system offers family, business, and friend sharing plans. Group purchases are a popular marketing strategy for businesses. The multi-functional online booking software makes marketing planning more flexible.

Manage Leave of Absence

The one-click to resolves issues with conflicting time off. "Pause account" feature automatically extending the class plans or passes expiration date.

Built-in Message

The built-in communication feature in the reservation system allows messages to be sent directly to each customer, even if they are not mobile app users, and customers using the web can receive and send messages.

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