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Open scheduled courses or services to customer booking. The "scheduling module" supports recurring courses or services, short-term courses, and any events, making it a great tool for managing courses or services.

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Automatic Scheduling

Set up recurring courses that take place at the same time every week or every other week and default the course start and end dates. The course scheduling is automated and the course management is organized.

Session Management

Organize all course information in each session into a calendar, including the date, time, and attendance list of the class. The business can efficiently build and manage the course schedule.

Switch View Modes Anytime

Respond to different management situations with different view modes. For example, a calendar for managing course reservations, a schedule for understanding employee schedules, and a usage table for classroom or space usage.

Course Announcements

All courses can edit course announcements and privacy notes. Course announcements are important information disclosed to all members and system users, while privacy notes are only for internal staff reference.

Classroom Configuration

No longer relying on complicated paper records, the course schedule generates a classroom usage table at the same time, which can adjust colors according to needs and easily view the daily usage of all or specified classrooms.

Real-Time Push Notifications

When course changes occur, including changes in time, changes in instructors, or temporary course cancellations, the system will notify customers of changes through push notifications or emails.

Customizing Calendar

Customize the display of the calendar based on the business's operational mode, including the number of displayed weeks, whether weekends are displayed, and whether customers can see the number of reservations and attendee list when booking.

Course Setting

A clear course introduction and setting can make the customer's online reservation process smoother. Precise course setting editing can help customers find the course they want to reserve faster.

Google Calendar Integration

Do you manage your schedule through Google Calendar? Sync your bookings with your personal schedule to your Google Calendar, and view all appointment information in the interface you're familiar with, integrating your management platform and reducing workload.

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