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Appointment allows customers to choose their desired service time slot. The module opens up available time slots for services to customers and also allows for specifying a preferred service provider.

Easily book in 3 steps!

Choose a service or provider.

Select a date and time.

Complete booking!

Choose a service or provider.

Select a date and time.

Complete booking!

Customize Settings

Set rules such as the time frame for customer reservations, the amount of time before a reservation can be cancelled, and reservation intervals, etc. This helps to prevent losses caused by last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Deposit System to Reduce No-Shows

Customers can choose to make a deposit or pay in full at the time of reservation, improving their attendance and reducing losses caused by no-shows.

Payment Integration

Supports domestic and international third-party payment systems, with multiple payment services and electronic invoice integration. 24/7 year-round sales, customers can easily complete order transactions through the website or app by using credit card.

Line Bot

The reservation system is integrated with LINE official account, allowing customers to view official messages, purchase, and make reservations directly through LINE.


When customers make a reservation, is it necessary for them to provide more information? You can customize different questions for customers to fill out, and set different questions as "required options."

Automatic Email

No more time spent on phone calls or messages to notify customers of important news. System automatically reminds customers of their appointments, or notify them of changes in their classes.

Google Calendar Integration

Do you manage your schedule through Google Calendar? Sync your bookings with your personal schedule to your Google Calendar, and view all appointment information in the interface you're familiar with, integrating your management platform and reducing workload.

Customize URL

The URL is a company's identity recognition in the online world. Customize the URL for your reservation website to enhance brand recognition and establish a quick communication channel with your customers.

Website Integration

Customers can get the information while browsing your official website and make a reservations directly. Choose to integrate related information such as courses, services, plan, and calendars into the official website, and the information is updated in real-time, allowing your potential customers to quickly complete the deal.

Popular Feature

Most commonly used by businesses using appointment module.


Point System


Social Media Integration


Suitable for businesses

One-on-one classes or personal services, where customers can choose time slots and services to book.

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