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24/7 online shop generates additional income with zero commission and no processing or server rental fees.





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News & Blog

Boost your online store with news and blog updates. Use discount codes to increase sales. Notify customers via messages to convert high-interest shoppers into loyal customers.

Order Management

The order management backend provides functions for remittance reconciliation, order shipment, tracking logistics, and order inquiry. In addition to computer operation, you can use the APP to track order status and manage shipments at any time while on the go.

Product Management

A complete product management system. Merchants can manage all online sales products in a unified manner, set product titles, specifications, prices, pictures, and product codes, and view the sales status of each product.

Payment Integration

Supports domestic and international third-party payment systems, with multiple payment services and electronic invoice integration. 24/7 year-round sales, customers can easily complete order transactions through the website or app by using credit card.

Instant Sales Report

Stay on top of sales with real-time updates. Analyze order quantities, sales figures, profit margins, and product costs to adjust inventory of best-selling items and launch promotions for slow-moving products.

Manage Your Store Anywhere, Anytime

Easily manage your products and orders from your computer, tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.

Counter Management

Manage your store, customer appointments, and payments all in one platform.

Sell on the Spot

Use the app as an online catalog and recommend products to customers for on-the-spot purchasing.

Manage Anywhere

Stay updated on product and sales orders anywhere, the app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Popular Features for Online Store

Integrated Online Shop

Embed your online store directly into your website for easy browsing and shopping by customers.

Discount & Promo Codes

Offer discounts and promo codes to encourage customer spending on various products.

Detailed Analytics

Let the system handle the tedious and time-consuming financial management by calculating sales costs and profits.

Upsell Opportunities

Show customers upsell options when they book classes or purchase passes, guiding and encouraging additional spending.

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