Omcean Booking

Privacy Policy

OmceanBooking (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), is established and provided by “Yashi Digital Fashion Co., Ltd. (雅世數位有限公司)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”); the software services and related applications provided by the Company are referred to as the “Platform”) places great importance on user privacy and complies with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act. Therefore, the Company has formulated a privacy policy to safeguard your personal information and privacy rights. Before using the Platform, please carefully read the “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) and pay attention to any modifications or changes announced by the Platform.

When you use the Platform or continue to use the Platform after any modification or change, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept the contents of the Policy or the modified or changed content, and agreed that the Platform will collect, process, and use your personal information in accordance with the Policy. The Company reserves the right to modify or change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time. If you cannot comply with or disagree with the content of the Policy, or your country or region excludes all or part of the content of the Policy, please immediately stop using the Platform.

Protecting the personal privacy of users of this platform is an important business principle of our company. We make every effort to safeguard the personal information and privacy of all users. The information you provide may be shared with service providers as necessary to provide the services. By using this platform, you acknowledge that we collect your data to assist service providers in providing you with the services you need. Unless required for illegal or infringing activities, consumer disputes, legal investigations, or to protect the operation and security of the platform or the legitimate rights of others, we will not arbitrarily disclose personal information to unauthorized individuals or entities. If you experience a personal data leak, please contact our customer service center immediately with proof of the incident for further handling. This platform may collect, process, and use your personal information outside of Taiwan and will be protected by physical and technical security measures. If you do not agree to this way of collecting, processing, and using your personal information, please stop using this platform immediately.

【1】Security of Personal Information

Users should keep their online passwords and personal information confidential, and not provide any personal information, especially passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by this platform, remember to log out of your account. If sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, be sure to close the browser window.

【2】Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

The personal information obtained by this platform is only for internal use and based on consumer and service usage purposes and scope. Unless explained in advance or required by relevant laws and regulations, the company will not provide data to third parties or use it for other purposes.

To ensure the protection of user personal information, privacy, and consumer rights during the transaction process, the user’s personal information used during the transaction process will be informed in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

【3】Purpose of Collection:

The company will collect personal information through the process of user registration or transaction for the purpose of marketing, consumer and customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, as well as research, statistics, and analysis, and the specific legal purpose item numbers are as follows:

69: Contract, similar contract, or other legal relationship matters;

77: Reservation, accommodation registration, and ticketing services;

90: Consumer and customer management and services (such as user identification, notification of reservation information to you and the agreed parties, notification and contact by this platform and its partners to the agreed parties, billing, shipping goods, issuing invoices, or promotional materials);

91: Consumer protection;

98: Business and technical information;

129: Accounting and related services;

136: Information and database management;

148: Online shopping and other e-commerce services;

152: Advertising or commercial activity management (such as providing relevant promotional activities);

157: Surveys, statistics, and research analysis;

181: Other businesses that comply with the business registration items or articles of association;

Other: Sending gifts/prizes and related purposes such as taxation (the recipient shall, in accordance with the tax regulations of the Republic of China, include the award income in the recipient’s annual comprehensive income tax return);

142: Sports and athletic activities;

143: Sports and leisure business.

Categories of Personal Data Collected: The personal data collected by the company on the platform includes:


Personal identifier: such as the user’s name, address, telephone, email, etc.


Financial identifier: such as credit card or financial institution account information.


Government identifier: such as the ID number on a national ID card.


Personal description: for example, gender, date of birth, etc.


Physical description: for example, height, weight, blood type, etc.


Leisure activities and interests: hobbies, sports, and other interests.


Residential and facility information: such as residential address.


Lifestyle: such as the types of consumer goods and services used, and personal consumption patterns.


Salary and deductions: for example, salary.


Goods or services obtained by the data subject: such as details about the goods or services.


Financial transactions: such as payment amounts, payment methods, transaction records.


Business activities of the data subject: such as business type, goods or services provided or used, business contracts.


Agreements or contracts: such as contracts related to transactions, business, legal matters, or representation.


Security details: such as passwords.


Unclassified data: such as feedback, unclassifiable files, reports, and any other data that can directly or indirectly identify individuals.

【4】Duration, Region, Recipients, and Methods of Use:

  1. Duration: The date on which the user requests to stop using or this platform stops providing the service.
  2. Region: The user’s personal information will be used in Taiwan.
  3. Recipients and methods of use: In addition to using the user’s personal information for user and customer management, retrieval and inquiry functions within our company, it will also be used for identity verification, payment services, logistics services, and marketing promotions. In addition, when a business operator registers on this platform and uses various functions, or involves related vendors due to the following behaviors, the relevant personnel or cooperating vendors may also be the recipients of the user’s personal information. Examples are as follows:
  4. When using the platform services as a user, the user information will be automatically displayed on the page.
  5. To carry out transaction activities: regarding product delivery, labor supply, payment, responding to customer inquiries, inquiries from those with management authority on this platform, and other necessary businesses for transaction execution when the user reserves, bids, purchases, participates in prize activities, or engages in other transactions.
  6. Promotion or marketing: providing users with various electronic magazines and information related to services through this platform, providing information related to services through email, mail, phone, etc. Personalized operations, user service usage analysis, new service development, or improvement of existing services based on the content or advertisements viewed by users, personal attributes or purchase records of users, and the browsing history of this platform. Contacting users regarding survey, activities, message board opinions, or other service-related matters.
  7. Responding to customer inquiries: responding to inquiries made by users to this platform via email, mail, fax, phone, or any other direct or indirect contact method.
  8. Other business-related matters: necessary services provided by this platform in connection with the above-mentioned a-d utilization purposes.
  9. Information provided to individual service providers: when users reserve, bid, purchase, participate in prize activities or apply for other transactions with service providers, this company may provide the user’s personal data file to the service provider within the necessary scope of the transaction, and the service provider is responsible for managing the personal data file. This company will impose regulations on service providers to process personal information according to the principles of safeguarding user privacy, but cannot guarantee that service providers will necessarily comply. For more information, please contact individual service providers.
  10. Other: When providing individual services, personal information may also be used for purposes beyond those specified in the above provisions. The summary of such usage will be stated on the webpage of that individual service.

【5】User Rights Regarding Personal Information:

Individuals whose personal information is collected by this platform have the following rights under the Personal Data Protection Act:

  1. The right to inquire or request access.
  2. The right to request copies.
  3. The right to request supplements or corrections.
  4. The right to request the cessation of collection, processing, or use.
  5. The right to request deletion.
  6. If users wish to exercise these rights, they may contact customer service to make their request.

【6】Data Security

To protect users’ privacy and security, this company will take appropriate technical and organizational security measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to protect the personal information you provide. Only employees who need to access your personal information for business purposes have the right to access it. The company has implemented physical, electronic, and procedural protection measures in compliance with legal requirements to safeguard the security of your personal information. However, please note that despite the company’s efforts to protect your personal information, it cannot guarantee that your personal information will not be illegally intercepted, transmitted, or stolen by third parties.

【7】Authorization for Audiovisual Content

For audiovisual content uploaded by users on this platform, the company may reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly recite, perform, exhibit, transmit or otherwise use such content in physical and digital forms to assist the business marketing of merchants, and may authorize third parties to use such content on this platform or related websites.

【8】Ways to Access or Correct Personal Information

If users have requests to access or correct their personal information, such as querying or reviewing, providing a copy, supplementing or correcting, stopping computer processing and use, or deleting, they can contact the company’s customer service center, and the company will process the request promptly.


To facilitate users’ use of the platform, this platform uses cookie technology to provide users with the necessary services. A cookie is a technology that the website server uses to communicate with the user’s browser. It may store a string of characters on the user’s computer to identify and distinguish the user. If users disable cookies, it may cause login difficulties or other issues in using the platform.

【10】Privacy Policy Amendment

The company has the right to revise this policy at any time depending on the actual situation. When there are significant changes to this policy, this platform will notify users through email or public announcement. Users have an obligation to pay attention to whether this policy is updated or revised. If users do not agree with the revised content, they can choose to opt-out of the relevant services within the specified period according to the email sent by the platform, and they should immediately stop using the services. If users continue to use the platform, it means that they agree to the revised content of this policy. If users have any questions about the privacy statement of this platform or matters related to personal information, they can contact the platform’s customer service center by email at [email protected].