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Yoga / Fitness / Beauty Salon

Online Cloud Booking System

Online Cloud
Booking System

Supports one-on-one and group class reservations. Flexible payment options, monthly payment available! The best choice for merchants!

Outdated business management?
Booking message, payment confirmation, paper check-in, external form, salary calculation form, and Excel revenue table, etc. make the complicated booking process unbearable.

Digital transformation: higher efficiency and availability

Intuitive and easy-to-use app, keeps clients and operators informed instantly no matter where you are!

Digital transformation: higher efficiency and availability

Intuitive and easy-to-use app, keeps clients and operators informed instantly no matter where you are!

Customer APP

Booking System

Customers can book anytime and anywhere! Receive push notifications and promotional messages in real-time.

Online Payment

Supports various payment methods, including credit card, LinePay, and online payment options.

Qr Code

Kiosk Check-in

Use QRCode scanning for check-in, full digitization from booking to check-in!

Admin APP

Monitor All Bookings

Stay updated on the latest booking numbers and revenue, compare with the previous week's data, and track data to make marketing strategies.

In-depth Reporting

Provides various reports needed for operation, helping you analyze potential value data and adjust operational management and marketing strategies.

Employee Management

No more complex paper scheduling, create schedules while generating schedules, easily view all employee work hours.

Instructor APP


Latest Booking Status

Instructors can check the number and status of students enrolled in their classes through the APP.

Know Your Customers Better

Understand the customer status before the class starts, whether they are new or repeat customers, and keep track of special health status.

Private Sessions

Supports one-on-one reservation mode, instructor open their own class times for students to book.

Designed for a wide variety of business types.

Omcean Booking is the cloud solution for all your booking requirements.

Let OB cloud service take care of
all the hard work for you.

Take advantage of technology to handle the traditional, anxious booking and management operations. Leave the professional work to you and the tedious management to OB!

Operations Management

Quickly grasp operational performance, using real-time management system, with daily operation data in sight, update operational status anytime, and adjust operational decisions.

Membership Management

Track customer booking and consumption activity records, gather information such as customer preferences, habits, and needs, use membership management database to provide a more personalized experience.

Bookings Management

Say goodbye to manual phone reservations or reply business messages, the booking system automatically handles 24/7 reservations, cancellations, and purchase of courses or services.

Maketing Management

Precise message delivery, send custom promotions to exclusive customers, and increase store return rate. Social media integration, consumers can view Facebook, IG, etc. in real-time on the booking platform.

Online Payment
Supports Neweb Pay, EC Pay, LINE PAY and PayPal etc.
Discount System
Discounts, promo codes and gifts.
Automatic waitlist or notification of vacancy.
Free Push Notification
Automatically reminds customers of reservation time or course changes etc.
Electronic Contract
Electronic contracts tied to course and service, securing rights.
Salary Calculation
Attendance and course/service variables used for salary calculation.
Online Shop
24/7 sales increase revenue, no handling fees, zero commission.

Ongoing Development of New Features

Omcean Booking listens to the needs of various industries and continually develops various features to improve operational efficiency, so you never have to worry about unsupported system features!

See what our satisfied users think of the Omcean Booking system!

See what our satisfied users think of the Omcean Booking system!
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Using Omcean Booking system has greatly improved our in-house attendance efficiency and accuracy. It meets our 100-point system requirements and provides detailed information and reports. In addition, the customer service response is very fast and effectively solves the situation we encountered. This is an important part of the information system! Such a good system should be recommended to all shops in need!
Being Space
Being Space
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With the Omcean Booking system, students have the flexibility to book and choose courses at their convenience. The status of courses can be easily viewed. The instructor can instantly see the number of bookings and the list of students. Time is money, and the digital booking system simplifies tasks for me, allowing me to focus on more meaningful things. Thank you, Omcean Booking. I sincerely recommend it to friends who need it.
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Students can book classes flexibly according to their own schedules. Complete and clear records of purchase and reservation are key factors for students to review and supervise their long-term exercise.
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By chance, tried OB and felt regretful for not using it sooner. The system is too good for what we need. This reservation system is complete and other management functions have saved us a lot of administrative time.
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Using the OB system has greatly improved our in-house attendance efficiency and accuracy. The system is easy to use and has various functions, saving us a lot of time on administrative tasks.
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Intuitive system with high customization. Easy to use. Fits yoga studio needs with both front-end and back-end functions. High update speed and frequency, system evolves gradually. Fast problem response, a highly recommended system.

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